The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring for Your Baby’s Skin

The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring for Your Baby’s Skin

31st Jul 2019

There’s nothing like the delicate, soft skin of a baby. Because their skin is new and fresh, it is more sensitive and can become irritated quickly. And just like their skin, their immune system is also delicate, meaning chemicals, fragrances and artificial products can often cause irritation. On this week’s blog, TriDerma is bringing you the top do’s and don’ts of caring for your baby’s skin.

Don’t Over-Bathe Your Baby

It’s best to bathe your baby two or three times a week, not every day. Bathing your baby too often can take the natural oils out of the skin, leaving it vulnerable and dry. A lukewarm bath a few times a week will do the trick to keep your baby clean and healthy!

Do Use a Non-Irritant Moisturizer

Keeping your baby moisturized is key to their healthy skin. A non-irritant moisturizer hydrates the skin, improves barrier function, and prevents dryness and itchiness. However, overapplication of moisturizer can block sweat pores and cause maceration. Stick to a small amount of moisturizer once a day!

Don’t Wait to Change a Wet Diaper

Diaper time isn’t always easy or convenient, however, it’s important to check and change your baby’s diaper frequently. While changing, the skin should be wiped gently and thoroughly and air-dried before putting on a fresh, well-fitting diaper. A dab of diaper cream can also be added to avoid accumulated moisture. Leaving a diaper on for too long or using an ill-fitting diaper can cause a stubborn and painful diaper rash.

Do Invest in Natural, Gentle Skincare Products

It’s essential to ensure the products you are putting on your baby’s delicate skin are natural and gentle. Because your baby’s skin is sensitive, it’s best to use unscented and tear-free products. TriDerma believes in natural, botanical-based ingredients formulated to be kind to your baby’s skin and prevent irritation. Whether you need help preventing diaper rashes, eczema, or anything in between, TriDerma is the natural skincare line for babies that you have been looking for.

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