Radiation Skin Care

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Comfort Your Skin With TriDerma’s After-treatment Care

Keep your skin healthy before, during, and after radiation treatments with TriDerma’s skin relief cream. With nationwide availability, you can obtain our soothing cream today. During radiation therapy, your skin can become irritated, dry, and damaged, making it difficult to perform daily tasks or continue your treatment. Our Radia-Soothe Skin Relief cream is explicitly formulated to moisturize your skin and relieve irritation. We use a powerful formula that is safe to use on sensitive skin. Maintain healthier skin when you apply our dermatologist-tested cream. The after-treatment care you need to keep going is available. Shop our products online today.

The Benefits of Radiation Treatment Cream Care

Our moisturizing cream is packed full of ingredients to help alleviate skin discomfort caused by radiation dermatitis. This condition is a normal yet frustrating side effect of radiation therapy. Radiation targets cancer cells while also destroying good cells, including skin cells around the treated area. We combined shea butter, Aloe vera, colloidal oats, and more to create a soothing cream that helps nourish your skin. We recommend that you apply our skin relief cream immediately after treatments before you get dressed. For continuous comfort, you can use our product throughout the day. The featured benefits of using our product include:

  • Free From Parabens, Synthetic Colors, and Added Fragrances
  • Keeps You on Track With Treatments
  • Soothing Relief for Damaged Skin
  • Highly Concentrated Formula
  • Maintaining Healthier Skin
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Won’t Stain Clothing

TriDerma’s Powerful Skin Relief Cream

TriDerma’s goal is to give you comfort with our highly concentrated moisturizer. Our powerful skin relief cream is easily applied to the area of concern and can be used throughout the day. Providing the nourishment your skin needs during this time will maintain your skin’s health. When you apply the Radia-Soothe Skin Relief cream, you will prevent your skin from cracking and itching. Decreasing the amount of discomfort your skin feels will allow you to relax and get the rest that you need while your body is healing.