How Diabetes Affects Your Skin

How Diabetes Affects Your Skin

30th Jul 2019

Diabetes is a disease that can affect many parts of the body, including the skin. Luckily, nearly all skin conditions associated with diabetes can be easily treated and prevented. On this week’s blog, TriDerma is rounding up the most common skin conditions associated with diabetes, along with providing insight on how important it is to combat these conditions.

Slow Healing Bruises and Cuts

One well-known sign of diabetes is the prolonged healing process for cuts and bruises. The nature of diabetes causes large amounts of glucose to travel through the veins and arteries, damaging the blood vessels throughout time. When these blood vessels are weaken, the body becomes more susceptible to long-lasting cuts and bruises. The fragile blood vessels are unable to repair themselves quickly, leading to bruises and cuts that stay around for a long time.

Dry Skin

People with diabetes can experience high glucose levels, which, in turn, makes you more likely to develop dry skin. When the skin becomes dry, it can start to itch, crack, and may even get infected. One of the most significant ways to prevent more severe skin conditions for people with diabetes is to protect the skin from becoming dry with a consistent, moisturizing routine for your skin.

Bacterial Infections

There are many forms of bacterial infections that affect people with diabetes more frequently than others. These conditions include painful infections around the nails, boils, and carbuncles (deep infections of the skin and tissue). Managing blood sugar and antibiotics while using natural, healing skin care products can help to heal these infections and prevent future infections from occurring.

TriDerma’s Diabetics Collection

While managing blood sugar levels, incorporating consistent use of maximum-strength skin care products will be one of the greatest tools of healing and preventing each of these side effects of diabetes. TriDerma understands the importance of skin care products that are specialized for special skin care concerns. When it comes to combating dry skin and the slow healing of skin wounds, TriDerma’s Diabetics Collection has three products specially designed to ease these diabetes-related skin care issues. Each product in the collection contains a AP4® Aloe Vera Complex, which naturally includes more than 200 healing properties to help reduce swelling, fight bacteria, and soothe pain.

Proper management of blood sugar and a good, consistent skin care routine can help to heal and prevent skin care infections for people with diabetes. For more information on the products in TriDerma’s Diabetics Collection, visit or contact us at