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TriDerma Provides Psoriasis Shampoo, Moisturizer, and More

Fast-acting relief from the effects of psoriasis is available with TriDerma’s psoriasis control products. Available nationwide, you can combat discomfort that arises when living with psoriasis. This condition is an autoimmune disease that affects more than 7 million people in the United States. Psoriasis can affect anyone and is often hereditary. The condition speeds up the cell turnover process, causing the cells to pile onto the skin. The main side effects usually consist of red and white scaly, irritated skin. At TriDerma, we have formulated moisturizing creams, body wash, and shampoo to soothe the affected skin areas. Our products target the appearance of scaly patches and help to reduce their reoccurrence.

Fight the Symptoms With Psoriasis Control Products

Our psoriasis face and body creams, shampoo, and body wash showcase a powerful combination of ingredients. The inclusion of salicylic acid promotes gentle exfoliation to reduce the build-up of skin cells on the surface. Our AP4® Aloe vera complex is a staple in our products because of its bacterial fighting agents and soothing properties. With our salon-quality psoriasis shampoo, you can reduce itching, flaking, and redness on your scalp. Combine the shampoo with our non-greasy psoriasis moisturizing cream for full-body relief. Attain relief and get healthier-looking skin today using our psoriasis control products.

TriDerma Cares for Your Skin

Living with the symptoms of psoriasis can be challenging without proper care. That is why TriDerma has created various products that reduce itchy, scaly, and flaky skin. The formulas we use are specifically designed to soothe your skin. The National Psoriasis Foundation has recognized our Psoriasis Control Cream as a safe and effective method for combating the symptoms of this skin disease. We offer products to mitigate the symptoms of psoriasis on your scalp, body, and face because we care. You can get relief today by shopping our products online.